Sample Nursing Paper on Multicultural Nursing

Multicultural Nursing

Nurses practice many settings, and they have to acknowledge and embrace different cultures to help them execute their roles effectively. Multicultural nursing is an important aspect of the profession as nurses work and interact with people from various backgrounds. Indeed, practicing in a multicultural city like Miami provides certain benefits for nurses.

            The first key benefit is that such a setting can inspire creativity and be a key driver of innovation. Culture influences the way people view the world and his has a profound effect in the way nurses approach people (Im & Lee, 2018). A multicultural city offers novel perspectives that inspire nurses to view the workplace differently. The setting is diverse in regards to ideas and this is a key driver of innovation to solve issues pertaining patients in a new and innovative way (Repo et al, 2017). It means that a diverse cultural background leads to new ways of thinking in the nursing profession thus advancing the role of nurses in the healthcare spectrum.

Another key benefit is that the multicultural setting enables nurses to adjust their practice to attend to patients from numerous backgrounds. The service offered by nurses is adapted to fit into the multicultural landscape thus help professionals to thrive. Furthermore, native language skills, local connections, and cultural understating can enhance the development of the profession. The last key benefit is such a setting forges cultural sensitivity, local knowledge, and insight leading to higher quality services. Cross-cultural understanding, as well as local market insight, enables the development of more effective nursing strategies.

            Overall, a multicultural city like Miami is highly beneficial to the nursing profession. It helps to expand the insight of nurses for them to develop more effective services.  Multicultural nursing is important in nursing practices as it enables nurses to not only develop the profession, but also the whole health care sector.

Application of Theory of Culture Care Diversity in Advanced Nursing Practice


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