Sample Nursing Paper On Health Related Behaviors among Hispanics

Homework Question on Understanding the Health Related Behaviors among Hispanics

  • Choose one of the cultural groups (use Hispanic/Mexican culture) explored in the text. Conduct a literature review . Please use 7 out of 10 articles attached.
  • Find relevant research articles that help you understand the health related behaviors. Create an Annotated bibliography with 5-7 references, using APA guidelines:
  • Must contain all of the following:
  • Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria; demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts;
  • Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts; use of proper mechanics, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling,
  • Must be in APA format;
  • Must include a cover page and reference page.
  • References must be in alphabetical order. Submit as a Word document.

Homework Answer on Understanding the Health Related Behaviors among Hispanics

The fast growth experienced in the Hispanic population, particularly the Mexicans, has become the current trend on demography in the US. This has created a challenge in health care provision, especially when health problems, such as dementia and other chronic illness, are common among this group. In this context, gaps have been created on the data concerning health, as well as health behaviors among the Hispanics, thus, creating limitations

Culture competence is paramount in dealing with healthcare disparities. This literature review will endeavor to offer an overview of the health-related behaviors among the Hispanic population in the US. Espino, D. V., Mouton, C. P., Del Aguila, D., Parker, R. W., Lewis, R. M., & Miles, T. P. (2001). Mexican American Elders with Dementia in Long Term Care. Clinical Gerontologist, 23(3/4), 83-97.

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In this article, the authors have observed, through several researches, that the older Hispanic population, which is on the rise, has posed numerous challenges in long-term healthcare delivery, particularly to dementia patients. Mexican-Americans suffering from dementia usually encounter delayed diagnosis, impairment, as well as protracted caregiver burden.