Sample Nursing Paper On Gamification In Nursing

Homework Question on Gamification in Nursing

  • Gamification is the use of game techniques and rewards in non-game environments such as nursing education. It has been shown to improve motivation and engagement of students leading to more learning.
  • With you team, select a lesson in nursing education and reinvent the lesson to include principles and practice of gamification.
  • Be sure to base your lesson on sound theory. Your lesson should include:
  1. Student Learning Outcomes
  2. Order of student centered activities
  3. Gamification strategies integrated into the lesson
  4. Role of the instructor
  5. How you will assess competency

Homework Answer on Gamification in Nursing

Gamification is one of the best ways to make learning interesting and it has proven useful in the nursing education over the years. It implies using games and rewards in the learning environment and it enhances the understanding of the nursing lessons. The interventional cardiology and surgery is one of the lessons that the students may find complex but with the incorporation of gamification in the teaching method, the lesson becomes easier (Domínguez et. al, 2013).

The application of gamification in such a lesson involves identification of the learning outcomes and the order of the activities carried out by students as well as the gamification strategies applicable in the lesson. The roles played by the instructors and the methods of assessing student’s competency must be included.

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The major learning outcomes for the students are to show a clear understanding of the various structural heart diseases and the best way to apply catheter-based treatment on the patients.  They should also show the ability to respond to an emergency in the operating room. The first activity of the student-centered activities is the grouping of students into four to summarize the main ideas in the lesson to be presented in class.