Sample Nursing Paper on Future of Nursing Report

Future of Nursing Report


The nursing profession is one of the most important sectors of a country’s economy. Nursing aims at helping people maximize their health potential in their lives (Nagelkerk, 2005). A nation with a healthy population experiences faster growth and development since members of the society have access to adequate health care services. Consequently, the population is healthy and productive. Nurses play a vital role in patient care. Effective nursing leadership is critical to providing patients with safe, effective, and quality care (Murray, 2017). It is

Approach to Become a Nursing Leader

Leadership entails influencing others to accomplish goals. Florence Nightingale is a renowned luminary who helped shape the nursing profession. If I were to become a nursing leader and tasked with the responsibility of advancing the profession, I would ensure that nurses attain the highest levels of education and training by advocating for an improvement in the education system. Also, I would make nurses full partners with doctors and other health care experts in redesigning and re-evaluating the healthcare sector. Additionally, two ways of proving capability and quality is by having an advanced education and certification from an accredited nursing school. Certification shows that the nurse is skilled and professional in the handling and care of patients. It is, therefore, paramount that all nurses receive the appropriate training and education that will enable them to excel in the nursing profession. Additionally, by working together with other professionals in the healthcare sector, these diverse professionals can help ensure that patients are provided with quality health care. Although health care professionals may approach collaboration from different worldviews, certain characteristics are shared, such as coordination, communication, and teamwork (Murray, 2017). Finally, as a nursing leader, I will not only train nurses on how to act professionally but also motivate them to achieve their goals.

How to Advance the Nursing Profession

Nurses must step up and assume the role of a leader in the healthcare team in instances whereby the needs of the patient are best met by nurses. According to Murray (2017), nurse leaders are responsible for promoting a culture of safety and creating an environment where nursing care is delivered safely and effectively (2017). A culture of safety is a blame-free environment in which staff members feel comfortable reporting errors and near misses (Murray, 2017). Moreover, having the right training from an accredited nursing school and possessing the know-how of nursing practices are key to becoming a nursing leader.

Various barriers can prevent nurses from responding effectively to the ever-evolving healthcare settings and system such as lack of appropriate education. It is, therefore, important for nurses to strive and conquer the barriers in order to ensure that they are well placed to lead and advance the health sector. According to Nagelkerk (2005), nursing requires a high level of expertise, sophisticated decision making, and a sense of service. As a nursing leader, I will not only support independent nursing practices but also continue to develop a strong nursing knowledge base, as well as contribute to nursing research while modeling professional behavior.


Autonomy in nursing is exercised through independent, dependent, and interdependent actions limited by state Nurse Practices Acts and institutional policies. A sound health sector is crucial in the growth and development of any nation. Nurses have a big role to play in the health sector. It is therefore important that they are accorded appropriate education and training to excel in the profession. Also, ensuring collaboration in practice creates a learning environment and promotes cohesion among the workforce.


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