Sample Nursing Paper On Fundamental Pattern Challenges in Practice

Homework Question on Fundamental Pattern Challenges in Practice

  • Refer to the Case Study of Ruth.
  1. Identify which fundamental pattern of knowing is most challenging for you in practice: scientific competence, the therapeutic use of the self, moral and ethical comportment, transformative art/acts, or dealing with inequality and injustice.
  2. Discuss what kinds of experiences or knowledge you need to more fully develop to meet the challenge that the particular pattern provides.

Homework Answer on Fundamental Pattern Challenges in Practice

In the nursing practice, personal knowing is integrated with the professional responsibilities. Personal knowing utilizes the therapeutic use of self to better the relationship between nurses and patients. The therapeutic use of self is my most challenging pattern of knowing in the nursing practice. In this case, the pattern involves the perception of self-feeling and prejudice in any nursing situation. The pattern is expressed through narratives, conduct, actions, interaction, bearing and attitude (Porter, 2010).

The pattern is also expressed through knowing the right course of action to take or do without the deliberation of conscious.Therapeutic use of self involves the appreciation of the situation, moving further beyond the surface of the situation and sharing without the exchange of words. The pattern also combines all the elements in a situation of nursing care to create meaning. Using the case study of Ruth, it might be difficult to handle the situation considering all the dimensions of personal knowing.

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The excursions made by Ruth may change the attitude of a practicing nurse and enforce strict restrictions to control the nuisance. The restrictions may be unethical or not morally accepted and hence raising concern. The action taken to control Ruth may also determine the relationship between the nurse and patient. To overcome the challenge, I require knowledge and experience to handle a situation by involving the therapeutic use of self.