Sample Nursing Paper on Evolution of Health Informatics

Evolution of Health informatics

            Computer science studies the theoretical algorithms that process digital information and the practical designs involved in implementing them through computer hardware and software. Information science, on the other hand, deals with the collection, processing, storage, retrieval, and use of information (Chibangu, 2015). Management of information makes use of computerized systems to collect, process, store, and disseminate information with the use of information systems. Health informatics essentially focus on the management of patient healthcare information by making use of systems developed by both disciplines.

            Developments in health informatics traced back to the beginning of the use of computers in health-care, in its application for medical-based diagnostics (Nelson & Staggers, 2014). Its evolution into health-based information systems targets the use of information in data management systems for the provision of quality health care (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). With the increased application of computers, health informatics progressed from being a concept into a discipline for the improvement of patient care.

Joshua Lederberg and William S. Yamamoto are considered the first pioneers of health informatics, in their work with automatic calculations (Masic, 2014). Progressive inventions in the field promote the use of computers in health statistics for automated data analysis. Developments made in the field further include its medical applications for automation of medical health care services, modeling and simulation programs. In the 1970 developments in computerized information systems, gave rise to the application of health information systems for patients health care (Masic, 2014). Scientific developments in this period further include the needs of educators and researchers by the provision of information through the mass production of information systems for personal computers. Today’s health information systems are largely dependent on communication and networking a technology, which has significantly transformed the management of patient’s information. This results in the continuous growth in the field, which propels further research and developments.


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