Sample Nursing Paper On Ethical Principle of Autonomy

Homework Question on Ethical Principle of Autonomy

  1. Describe the ethical principle of autonomy in providing nursing care to individuals at hospital.
  2. Introduce the assignment and outline the areas that you will address, Within the body define ethics, nursing care, autonomy and ethical principle and link them together.
  3. Describe autonomy as a concept in nursing care.
  4. With the use of literature describe the importance of autonomy in nursing care.
  5. In conclusion , briefly outline all areas you covered and link them together.

Homework Answer on Ethical Principle of Autonomy

(1) Ethical Autobiography

My background as a counseling student enables me to adhere to personal and professional values, principles, and moral qualities in identifying what is right and wrong. In counseling, values enable clients to feel safe and comfortable to express themselves. The counseling profession entails such fundamental values as ensuring the safety of clients, respect for human dignity and rights, upholding a professional client-counselor relationship, and commitment of the counselor to continued professional development and research in order to remain abreast of the developments in this field (Illinois Institute of Technology, 2011).

On the other hand, ethical principles stress on ethical responsibilities. Therefore, counselors need to own up to any decision that they make. In my case, I always endeavor act in the client’s best interest (beneficence), in line with my level of competence and professional assessment. I also try to develop and respect the client’s attempt at self-directing (autonomy), in addition to ensuring that I mitigate any possible harm that could befall the client (non-maleficence) (Bond, 2000).

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In addition, I always endeavor to undertake my work by considering the legal obligations and requirements involved, and to avoid possible conflicts between ethical and legal obligations. Above all, I always seek to promote honesty, truthfulness, and accuracy in counseling practice .Ethical standards are crucial in ensuring professional and safe counseling practices. These are vital to ensure that registrants/members provide their services in a professional manner, with the best interests of their clients at heart, and those of the public.