Sample Nursing Paper On Ethical dilemmas in the nursing profession

Homework Question on Ethical dilemmas in the nursing profession

  • Please relay an ethical dilemma or legal issue that a nurse can face in his/her, profession.
  • You can use a personal example of something you’ve experienced, something you read about or something you’ve heard on the news.
  • Please state the dilemma/issue and then state how you might deal with the issue using the critical thinking skills you are learning.
  • Make sure you have at least one cited reference in APA format
  • I also need a summary about this paper and also talk about a nurse care plan.
  • This should be no more than 1 to 2 paragraphs between 150 to 200 words
  • Have at least one cited reference.
  • Also add in it what do you learn from the ethical dilemma or legal issue and explain how you could adapt and/or apply these tools to your career as a RN.

   Homework Answer on Ethical dilemmas in the nursing profession 

A career in nursing is every person’s dream because it is immensely fulfilling besides providing myriads of opportunities for interacting with individuals from various backgrounds. However, it is a career without its share of challenges including a multitude of ethical dilemmas faced by nurses in day-to-day activities. A common ethical dilemma faced by nurses is juggling between patient freedom and nurse control (Casterlé et al. 541). Essentially, nurses are some of the highly educated individuals in society and are aware of what clinical courses of action are best for patients. However, with the existence of patient freedom, patients can reject medical advice from nurses or make decisions that may result in adverse outcomes.

In such situations, nurses are forced to devote themselves to the welfare of the patients by allowing them to make their decisions, and they are still expected to live up to the standards of the profession by providing necessary medication to the patients. Such a dilemma may be faced when a nurse finds it right to provide pain medication to a labor and delivery patient who instead rejects the medication.

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The best way of dealing with the patient freedom versus nurse control dilemma is ensuring that there are good rapport and understanding between patient and nurse. On one hand, the patient has to understand the importance of taking medication in certain conditions. On the other hand, the nurse has to interact positively with the patient, understanding the challenges they face especially when they take a specific medication. Through this, both the patient and nurse are likely to find a solution to the ethical dilemma at hand.