Sample Nursing Paper On Democratic Leadership Style

Homework Question on Democratic Leadership Style

  • Discuss how  democratic leadership style has impacted your current beliefs.
  • Examine the attributes of leadership for graduate level nurses.
  • Analyze your personal leadership attributes, including those you would like to develop.
  • Finish with a quotation from a library article on nursing leadership in an advanced practice role in the conclusion of your paper.

Homework Answer on Democratic Leadership Style

The performance of nurses in many healthcare facility is influenced by different factors, among them the type of leadership adopted in the institution. The leadership style adopted by the management influences the attitudes and beliefs that the employees have towards their role in the organization. In my experience, my beliefs and attitudes about the work environment have been influenced by democratic leadership style adopted in my place of work.

This is the type of leadership where all the persons involved are allowed to take part in the decision-making process (Sandström et. al., 2011). It involves free discussion about issues and ensures that a final decision is determined by the will of the majority. Due to the leadership style, I have developed a positive attitude towards my job and I believe that the input of all nurses in a department is as important as the contribution of any other healthcare professional.

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I strongly believe that nurses should not be controlled, but should be trusted to conduct their activities under minimal supervision. Democratic leadership style allows management to establish a firm relationship with the employees that is based on mutual trust.  I believe that the attitude that the leaders have towards the subjects influences the extent to which they trust them with the work they are assigned to do.  Democratic leadership style has impacted my strong belief in open dialogues.