Sample Nursing Paper on Critique of the Article “Facial Pressure Injuries from Prone Positioning in the COVID-19 Era”

APA is required. Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation are required. All questions must be addressed in order to earn full points.

This PART 2 of the critique assignment consists of:

(NOTE: Do NOT write an introductory paragraph for this assignment, as it is a continuation of the previous work).

Criteria 3: Research Design
Criteria 4: Instrumentation and Data Collection
Criteria 5: Population and Samples
Criteria 6: Ethics
The rubric includes all the questions to answer and the points earned. In addition, the rubric lists the points earned for APA format, grammar, and spelling/punctuation. All questions must be answered to earn full points.
Just answer the questions in each section of the rubrics for Part 2
(Hint: If the information called for in a question isn’t in the article, you can write something along the line of “the researcher’s did not describe or discuss XYZ….
HINT for Critique Part 2 – Title Page – Same as Part 1 Just change to Part 2!