Sample Nursing Informatics Critical Thinking Paper Summary on Departmental Exchange

Departmental Exchange

The dynamic business environment in contemporary times makes collaboration between departments challenging. Particularly in the health care sector, this collaboration is increasingly becoming important to boost agility, increase profits and also increase efficiency and productivity of employees. Interaction between different departments involving information exchange is essential in any organizational set up for the achievement of company objectives. Technological advancements in the work place create ways through which many employees can use communication and information technologies to work away from their offices.

This is critical since organizations are increasingly distributing operations across different localities leading to increased complexity in collaboration. Through collaboration across different departments, organizations create opportunities for sharing health information and knowledge exchange. This facilitates the exchange and access to healthcare information, which can help to improve care coordination and medical decision making. Information sharing can also help to increase the quality of health care provision and the creation of a unified plan for the distribution of health information (McGonigle and Kathleen 65-87).

The exchange of information and collaboration also enhances sharing of information across different locations. In this way, nurses can interact and consult, share medical records and avoid errors in medical records through avoidance of misspelling and other grammatical mistakes. Besides making healthcare organizations cost efficient, the sharing of information occasioned by collaboration and exchange will also prevent inaccuracies in data recording and dissemination. This will be achieved through data consolidation (Saba and Kathleen 18-24).

The collaboration in the healthcare departments will however result in various ethical issues such as accuracy, property, privacy and accessibility of information. Accessibility issues arise when some people in an organization are not allowed to access certain information. The property issues on the other hand relate to intellectual property with regards to medical information.

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