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Homework Question on Vulnerable Populations

  • Please answer each
  1. Go to community (Queens, NewYork) statistics information and give a breakdown of vulnerable populations. ◦What resources does your community have for this population? ◦How effective are the resources in your
  2. What is general community’s perception/reaction toward those with disabilities, the homeless, individuals with mental health issues and migrant workers? (please answer hypothetically) Please add separate resources for each question.

Homework Answer on Vulnerable Populations

Vulnerable populations are people who are racially and ethnically separated, low-income, homeless, elderly, sick or disabled. These kinds of population usually encounter some difficulties in form of interaction, movement, and provision of resources. The well-being of disabled people in New York State has always been at stake. During the Superstorm Sandy that hit New York City in 2012, the federal court declared that the city management failed to offer enough protection to the disabled people (Milford, 2013).

Vulnerable populations are usually ignored when the county government engages in resource allocation.According to the Local Disability Data for Planner for 2005-2007, the number of disabled people, whose age is between 21 and 64 years in Queens, New York was 121, 550 (Disability Population Statistics, n.d). This represented 8.8 percent of the county’s population. Out of this number, 57,290 were male while 64, 260 were female. In education, the number of people who claimed to have a Bachelor’s degree was 22590.  About 70,283 people in Queens County are above the age of 75 years (Houtenville & Flore, 2011, p. 18).

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Disabled people are likely to receive less care, or delay in receiving healthcare services, due to lack of money, or ignorance from the members of community. Queens County has implemented several programs that assist disabled people with grants to pay their medical and other bills. The Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) Program assists the seniors (people aged 65 years and above) to cater for their prescription drugs (Northrop, et al., 2007).