Sample Nursing Essays On Value in Health Care

Homework Question on Value in Health Care

  1. Discuss in summary form the value in health care and the impetus for integrating quality, cost, and financing.
  2. Discuss the interactions between nurse managers and executives and financial managers in your healthcare organization.

Homework Answer on Value in Health Care

The most important value in health care is the constant relationships of healing offered by the professionals and improved accountability. Duncan (2010)states that health care values should be well-defined by the patient because the overall goal is to achieve quality service for the patients.  Health care services transpire through visits where by the patients plays an important role in determining the cause of the care needed. Values in health care are important in fulfilling the commitment of an organization to pass information to and from the patients.

Morrison (2000) says the best health value is to provide evidence based health care service using the available scientific standards.Respect,compassion and safety of the patients is to be maintained and enhanced through paying attention to patients and following to the letter the policies in place.There is need for quality improvement, cost and financing of the health sectors. Inappropriate cost can be generated through overuse or underuse and through the misuse of services and interventions.

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Quality in health care improves the result of a desirable service in line with the contemporary science and professional knowledge. Quality in health services is therefore a practical term that has elements of judgment when assessing the practical and knowledge uncertaintiesHarman, (2006).The structure of Cost and finances in health care disbursement mechanisms and financial incentives has impact on the health care values.