Sample Nursing Essays On Utilization of Open Systems Theory

Homework Question on Utilization of Open Systems Theory

  1. Explore the systems method management theory that would be utilized in the skilled nursing facility environment. Cover the outputs aspect of the theory.

Homework Answer on Utilization of Open Systems Theory

A system is defined as a set of interconnected elements that are related in one way or another and targeted towards achieving various goals. System components exist in a state of balance and any changes on one end leads to corresponding change on the other. An open system theory views an organization as a system comprised of many sub-systems that exist within and form part of the larger external environment (Scott, 2002).

This makes it an input-output system that is dependent on its supporting environment for offering continued inputs necessary for the production of outputs through interaction of individuals and patterned strategies. The external environment is characterized by various forces that include technological, political, social-economic, ecological, and informational forces. One of the ways of viewing skilled nursing facility as well as its provision of patient care services is to consider it a total health care system. This paper will discuss the utilization of open systems theory in skilled nursing facility environment.

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Systems theory offers a framework for quality improvement in the internal environment of skilled nursing facilities because it supports the concept of systems thinking. This discipline allows people to view a system as a relationship of parts rather than viewing it as isolated parts (Nordstrom, 1979). Balance in the roles played by the distinct parts is a vital aspect in the success of a facility such that any changes in one part will always cause changes in other sections.