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Homework Question on The knowledge of Theory in Nursing

  1. The development of the discipline of nursing has gone through many stages of philosophical debates. Justify the relevance and utility of the knowledge of theory development to your practice.

Homework Answer on The knowledge of Theory in Nursing

Nursing is a practice-oriented profession, based on social science and physics; however, theoretical knowledge is required in the practice to ensure excellence of service. Theory is a fundamental requirement in any scientific field. It provides the necessary knowledge on the principles, concepts and methods required in handling and managing a problem. However, some nursing professionals consider theories as barriers to attaining their goals in nursing (Rodgers, 2005).

They think that volumes of theories have brought a lot of confusion rather than the intended purpose of providing the specific knowledge. However, Villarruel et al states “theories that are shared with, not blindly borrowed from other disciplines should be used.” In order to develop the nursing profession, it is necessary to close the gap of opposing ideas, wide variability, and the most common conflicting school of thoughts, across nursing schools.

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In all cases, the principles should be universal and related. In nursing, philosophies and conceptual model are generally theoretical works. Similarity in handling the discipline and all professional ethics required can be handled theoretically. It is of paramount importance to understand the science, the fundamental truth, the laws or the doctrine on which certain notions are based. The theoretical knowledge gives confidence in tackling a challenging problem. A strong theoretical background ensures excellence in handling practical issues.