Sample Nursing Essays On The Guardians’ Temperament

Homework Question on The Guardians’ Temperament

  • Explore the Keirsey website at:
  • Take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II) assessment, located at:
  • NOTE: Answer the questions in the KTS-II. After that, you will be taken to a page to get your results.
  1. Based on your results, identify your key personality temperament.
  2. Develop a 2-page summary that:
  3. Describes and discusses your temperament.
  4. Discuss how the understanding of temperament variability is essential to leading and in the team environment.
  5. Describe 4 key take-away points from Kiersey Temperament Theory that inform your leadership development.

Homework Answer on The Guardians’ Temperament

According to the Keirsey temperament sorter, the results emerging from answering the questions indicate a temperament and personality that is inclined toward the guardian group of people. Apparently, the people who posses such a temperament form a small group of people in the world; there population makes up approximately forty-five percent of the world population. However, their impacts in the day to day activities and advancements go ahead of them as they are the architects of change that come from technical and logical combination of issues and factors in a situation.

In terms of the common feature shared by these individuals, the Guardians are considered more responsible and compassion oriented as they often focus on the solution aspect of the available problem as a way of bringing together broken pieces among workmates as well as other people around them. The Guardians tend to be keen, passionate and  thoughtful while maintaining the ability of discerning what is right or wrong (, 2014).

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Moreover, more often, the individual possessing such a personality has a great value placed on the ability of personal relationships and experiences to prevail as a way of understanding how people relate, how problems arise and, eventually, how to mitigate the problems or changes desired to make it of the end of a task. Technical aspects of life such as the complex personalities and behavioral systems, emotional and personal aspects of life as well as philosophical knowledge of unnoticed details form the basic fascination and fundamental anchors of the guardian individuals (Gerke & Berens, 2005).