Sample Nursing Essays On Scientific Underpinnings

Homework Question on Scientific Underpinnings

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  1. Assimilate nursing ways of knowing and the development of nursing science. Weekly Objectives Evaluate five ways (patterns) of knowing in nursing.
  2. Analyze key contributors to the development of nursing knowledge.
  3. Explain how historical events have served to shape nursing and advanced nursing practice. This is the question: From the perspective of your intended track, Healthcare Systems Leadership, what specific “ways of knowing” do you see evident in your practice?
  • Remember to respond to the entire question in a scholarly manner including citations from scholarly sources beyond the assigned readings. Once you’ve addressed the question, then consider adding your personal experience. (My experience is Adult ICU, Rehab nursing, Medical surgical nursing and case management-please do write any experience)

Homework Answer on Scientific Underpinnings

Health care systems across the world play a major role in delivering magnificent and sensitive state-of-the-art care. Several healthcare institutions, through the provision of excellent services by physicians and nurses; have saved several lives from the jaws of death (Quality by Design: a Clinical Microsystems Approach, 2013). The system at times fails to deliver its potential benefits, and this has often led to demonstrations and campaigns against the poor service delivery in the systems.

Nursing falls among the professions envisaged in the healthcare system. The history of nursing is long, with its inception and development attributed to Florence Nightingale, who considered nurses as educated women (In Alligood, 2014). Nursing is believed to have gone through major developments characterized by nursing paradigms, administration, education, research and further theory development. All these have impacted positively on the modern advanced nursing.

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Patterns of knowing in nursing help nurses to formally express their nursing knowledge. Secondly, through patterns of knowing, nurse can provide a professional and discipline identity. Thirdly, they help nurses convey to others what nursing contributes to healthcare. Fourthly, patterns of knowing help in the creation of expert and effective nursing practice in healthcare systems. There are specific ways or patterns of knowing in any nursing. For instance, in Medical surgical nursing, one of the ways of knowing is ethics.