Sample Nursing Essays On Role of Nurses in End of Life Care

Homework Question on Role of Nurses in End of Life Care

  1. How do nurses manage pain when patient is on end of life care?Discuss your approved project question including background and rationale for choice (100 words)
  2. Find three (3) – five (5) journal articles related specifically to your approved question and provide a synopsis of your understanding of these articles. These articles MUST be either peer-reviewed primary researchjournal articles or systematic reviews. (400 words)
  3. Whilst on placement take some time to critically observe the practices in your clinical area, in relation to your question, and record your findings. Critical observation can include: discussion, dialogue with clinicians in your area of speciality and/or observation of practice in other areas.
  4. Discuss your observations in light of your readings. (500 words)
  • Reference:Australia only
  • Within 5 years and Journal article or systematic review only
  • APA style.

Homework Answer on Role of Nurses in End of Life Care

Background and Rationale

Pain management is a key aspect of end of life care. Sykes and Thorns (2003) estimated the prevalence of pain among patients receiving end of life care at 51%. Elsewhere, Smith et al (2010) have reported a prevalence of 46% during the patient’s last month of life, with the prevalence reportedly higher among patients with arthritis. In most of the cases, the existential discomfort and diverse symptoms felt by patients under end of life care can be alleviated or prevented if only they receive optimal end-of-life care (Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Organization [HPNA] 2008).

Nurses play a key role in managing pain felt by patients under end of life care through comprehensive and aggressive symptom management (American Nurses Association [ANA] 2010). Thus, nurses should utilize effective doses of medication in order to control symptoms. In addition, they should also act as the patient’s advocate in case the prescribed medication fails to alleviate distressing symptoms and pain.

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When a serious chronic illness afflicts an individual, it turns into a source of burden to them and their families. In such a case, supporting quality of life in the best way possible becomes a key consideration of care. Here, nurses play an important role in ensuring that the pain and/or discomfort experienced by such patients have been managed as effectively as possible. A systematic review by Lorenz et al (2009) sought to evaluate evidence regarding interventions aimed at enhancing palliative care among patients at end of life.