Sample Nursing Essays On Proteins and Chronic Kidney Disease

Homework Question on Proteins and Chronic Kidney Disease

  1. Why is knowing about protein consumption important for chronic kidney disease?
  2. What are the steps in maintaining nutrition recommendations for such patients?
  • Provide your answer in 300-word summary with one research article to support your answer. Stay consistent with APA guidelines on your submission.

Homework Answer on Proteins and Chronic Kidney Disease

Knowing about protein consumption is vital for chronic kidney disease because proteins are a significant part of any diet. Proteins play an important role in building and maintaining the skin, muscle, connective tissues, bones, and blood. They also assist in fighting diseases. Furthermore, proteins break down the wastes products expected to be removed from the blood by kidneys (Charles, 2016).  The health care practitioners recommend that individuals with chronic kidney diseases should eat reduced or moderate quantities of proteins.

However, limiting the intake of proteins can most likely cause malnutrition; therefore, individuals with CKD must be careful. A CKD patient can visit a renal dietician to advise them on the right quantities of foods that can help them reduce on the levels of proteins. For example, they can reduce intake of proteins by preparing sandwiches using slices ofapple and cucumber, and adding lettuce.

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There are various steps that patients with CKD can undertake to maintain he recommended nutrition for instance; CKD patients with stage 4-5 CKD can maintain their recommended   nutrition by being educated on what to consume and what not to consume. They should be counseled to eatsufficient protein and energy rich foods, management of weight, and monitor what they eat. A patient should ensure that she evaluates her nutritional status. Secondly, a patient is expected to evaluate his inflammatory status (, 2016).