Sample Nursing Essays On Protection of Patients

Homework Question on Protection of Patients

  • Answer the following question with one research article as a reference.
  1. What protections are provided to patients by the Department of Health and Human Services “privacy rule” of the HIPAA?
  • Provide your paper in a 300-word APA summary format.

Homework Answer on Protection of Patients

The privacy rule as outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 offers a comprehensive federal protection for mental health information and privacy of health records (Jones, Endacott & Crouch, 2013). The intention of the rule is to offer strong legal protection that ensures that confidential information regarding a client is kept away from third parties. This is done to ensure that the access to treatment of a client, the quality of care, as well as the health care operations provided is appropriate.

Therefore, the mandate of HIPAA is making sure that medical practitioners keep the data and information of clients intact and safe.Accordingly, Jones, Endacott and Crouch (2013) note that the privacy rule allied to HIPAA protects all personally identifiable information regarding health –transmitted or held by health providers or rather business associate in media or any other form, whether oral or electronic paper. This implies that the medical practitioners are not supposed to disclose demographic data.

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Personal identifiable information for health care includes: (1) personal future, present and past mental or physical condition, (2) the future, present and past payment for the health care services offered to the client and (3) the provision of individual’s health care. This can be in terms of different common identifiers such as birth date, address, social security number, and name.Therefore, HIPAA plays a big role in ensuring that patients are not afraid when submitting or sharing information.