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Homework Question on Prevalence Of  Abortion

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Homework Answer on Prevalence Of  Abortion

According to this article, the prevalence of unwanted pregnancy among teenagers, which consequently leads to abortion, has significantly dropped in recent years as opposed to the early 90s and this probably indicates that a few teens are giving birth. Teenage pregnancy in most cases occurred due to teenagers trying to understand their sexuality and this resulted in abortions, as they were not prepared to be mothers at such a young age probably due to inadequate sexual education.

Abortion can be described as a deliberate annihilation of pregnancy via the elimination of an embryo prior to delivery. Abortion might happen unexpectedly or it could be willingly stimulated. The exercise of abortion has for a long time been the subject of contest across the globe. It is a polarized concern since it has the prospective to cause disputes amid communities.Abortion is also deemed an offense since it divests the privileges of an unborn.

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Much has been carried out to ascertain the reasons behind the process of abortion. The article indicates that from 1990 to 2010, pregnancy rates have reduced by 51% and this arouses my interest in that it seems with advanced technology, teenagers are well versed with knowledge on the use of contraceptives. Consequently, this makes them not to become pregnant whenever they practice sexual intercourse. There was a significant drop in abortion rates among teens from 67% to 15% for each 1000 teens.