Sample Nursing Essays On Pharmacology

Homework Question on Pharmacology

  1. Why it is important to assess a clients culture and inherited traits when managing drug therapy.
  2. Explain how a person’s genetic makeup can alter the pharmacokinetics of a drug
  3. How can the nurse manage care to accommodate the clients culture and beliefs? use examples to support your findings.

Homework Answer on Pharmacology

Nurses and pharmacists should understand the clients’ culture and traits before administering drugs. This is because different clients have different beliefs about drugs. Knowing the clients’ values, as well as traditions of explaining and solving problems can help in implementing treatment methods that are likely to produce positive response (Denning & Little, 2012). When drug therapy is proposed, pharmacists should ensure that the prescribed therapy is consistent with the client’s overall needs.

This is because some drugs may have hostile reaction to those who prefer traditional medicines. Language is quite crucial in the administration of drug. Some clients may have developed their own language, which only a few people can understand. Knowing the client’s way of communication can help in managing drug therapy effectively. Cultural sensitivity involves adjusting perceptions, practice styles, as well as behaviors to correspond to the needs of various cultural and ethnic groups.

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Failure to connect to ethno-cultural health practices and values may reduce the effectiveness in the management of drug therapy. Pharmacokinetics of a drug is essential in determining drug administration. Researchers have proved that persons’ genetics can determine who can, or who cannot benefit from specific drugs. According to Zdanowicz (2010), practitioners have discovered that even perfectly healthy persons can demonstrate different responses after taking the same dose of a similar drug.