Sample Nursing Essays On Peace in Personal or Health Crisis

Homework Question on Peace in Personal or Health Crisis

  1. What are you able to do that promotes, or would promote, peace in a personal or health crisis?
  2. How willing are you to use this skill? What would make you more willing to do this?

Homework Answer on Peace in Personal or Health Crisis

Real life offers too much life stress that affects people, and lead to a crisis whether on a personal level or among people. Just like in other professions, nursing profession also involves such crisis when dealing with patients or colleagues. When there is a crisis within the profession, especially one that involves a patient, it is important that the nurse is equipped with an appropriate skill to solve the crisis and give the patient relief of mind.

Communication is one of the most effective skills in solving any crisis, whether personal or public. Many of the crises in the health profession may require money, spiritual assessment, and help, among others, to be effectively solved (Anandarajah 81). However, it is important for a nurse professional to apply communication skills to make these applications of solving a crisis effectively.

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How willing are you to use this skill?

It is important that the nurse engage the patients in a mutual conversation where they are made to feel appreciated and cared for so that they can effectively reach to an agreement and resolve the crisis. For instance, the crisis regarding money issues, loneliness, and problems with family members, among others, effective communication can be important to help solve the crisis. The patient can be asked what they want to do with their money, in case they are dying, or asked who they want to communicate with, in case no family pays them a visit.