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Homework Answer on Pain Management

Pain management in terminally ill patients

Over half of terminally ill patients experience moderate to severe pain that is caused by the effects of the advancing illness, which adversely affects the patient’s quality of life and will to live (Weiss et al., 2001). When patients become terminally ill, there is increased depression and hopelessness, with the patients exhibiting increased desire for death to escape what they consider a miserable existence (Breitbart et al., 2000).

The raison d’être of medicine is to extend the life of patients within the bounds of medical best practice whenever possible, in addition to improving the patient’s emotional outlook. Most of the depression and hopelessness experienced by terminally ill patients is due to the incessant pain that they experience as they battle the illness. The pain experienced by these patients is not only due to the illness itself but also the medical procedures that they have to undergo to contain the illness, making pain management an essential ingredient in ameliorating the quality of life of these terminally ill patients.

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Prostate cancer pain management

American men are affected by a number of cancers, but prostate cancer is the second most fatal cancer behind lung and bronchial cancer, while being the most common among American men (Olson & Pienta, 1999). Because of the high prevalence of prostate cancer amongst American men, it is necessary to determine the best pain management practices to help the thousands of men suffering from the cancer live a dignified life.