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Homework Question on Nursing Theory

  • This discussion forum will consist of two parts so ***read the instructions carefully***.
  • Part One: Some nursing scholars feel that nurses should only use nursing theories in their work and not theories from other disciplines in order to build the base of nursing science.
  1. Do you think that you should only use a nursing theory (or conceptual model) for your capstone project? ***State at least two specific reasons for your position based on the readings you have done so far.
  • Part Two: Generate a discussion question for your classmates to respond to based on your chosen theory or conceptual model. It should be an issue with the theory or model that you need help with. Guidelines and Instructions for Participation:
  1. Each student must post a response to part one and generate a discussion question at the end of your response.
  2. Critically reflect on the readings and activities done.

Homework Answer on Nursing Theory

Part One

In my capstone pain management project, I should only use the nursing theory to build my research ideas and findings. The main reason for this is due to the nature of the project. It would be advisable to use theoretical frameworks from nursing field only in developing relevant nursing research work and approach (Sousa & Hayman, 2002). Based on the readings, nursing theory helps to develop relevant research explanations and discussions on various research questions in the project.

As such, the application of the nursing theory alone helps in creating pure scientific evidence and approaches. Second, the development of nursing science relies on background information of nursing science. This is another reason for using the nursing theory only. This helps in designing and explaining relationships that exist between different phenomena. The development of the research project using nursing theory only is crucial towards the construction of necessary nursing applications and theories.

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The research is also able to gain logical facts from nursing science in developing proper research proposition (Leininger & McFarland, 2006).Self-care deficit theory of nursing helps in developing relevant research findings on pain management research. The self-care theory relies on the concepts and principles that people must act deliberately for their own sake, and with interactions from the nursing theory only (Fawcett & Desanto-Madeya, 2012).