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Homework Question on Nursing Shortage

  1. What steps can we take to address the nursing shortage?Briefly define the series of events that led to the nursing shortage.
  2. Reflect on your future role as a nurse or healthcare employee in the midst of a nursing shortage crisis.How do you see the role of legislature contributing to safe staffing during a shortage?
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  • Two scholarly references required APA style for in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions Format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)

Homework Answer on Nursing Shortage

Steps to Be Taken to Address the Nursing Shortage

A change in nursing education policies will play a crucial role in ensuring that the nurse workforce is educated while anticipating changing population needs as well as role expansions. One of the steps in changing nursing education policies to address the nursing shortage is to increase and target new federal and state subsidies. These subsidies should be in the form of loan forgiveness, scholarships, and institutional capacity awards, all of which could increase the number and proportion of nurses graduating from primary pre-licensure education either with a baccalaureate or a higher nursing degree.

Currently, the costs of attaining a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) is relatively high. This aspect has discouraged people interested in pursuing nursing as their dream course. However, this could be addressed through the provision of scholarships to financially challenged individuals with interest in pursuing a BSN course(Cronenwett, 2011).Besides, the focus should be on increasing federal and state subsidies for graduate nurse education at advanced learning levels of master’s and doctorate.

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In this regard, the federal and state governments can provide scholarships to individuals interested in studying nursing at masters or doctoral levels. The said levels of government can also rely on loan forgiveness and institutional capacity awards for nursing students at masters and doctoral levels. The outcome of this is a motivated population studying nursing at advanced levels, which could set the stage for the production of more nurse faculty to meet the ever-increasing population’s demands.