Sample Nursing Essays On Nurse Practitioner and Administrator

Homework Question on Relationship between Nurse Practitioner and Administrator

  1. Explain how you see your role of nurse practitioner as it relates to the nurse administrator and their scope of practice?
  • Be specific, imagine different practice settings.

      Homework Answer on Relationship between Nurse Practitioner and Administrator

My role as a nurse practitioner distinct from that of a nurse administrator however they are inter-related. A nurse practioner is also known in the medical circles as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). To be a nurse practitioner, one must have completed an advanced an advanced training and specialization more than that of an ordinary registered nurse specializing in general duties. This therefore means competence of a nurse practitioner is advanced.

The scope of a nurse practitioner is widened and can deal with acute illnesses occurring (Buppert, 2008).They can also diagnose medical conditions. A nurse administrator on the other hand, also called a certified nurse administrator (CAN), is tasked with the functions of supervision of the nurses within an institution. The roles of a nurse administrator are basically administrative in nature. A nurse administrator prepares inventories, prepares schedules for work of other nurses, budgets and has the duty to ensure that patients receive the best medical care in hospital (American Nurses Association, 2010).

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To qualify as a nurse administrator an additional course in administration must be undertaken above the ordinary course.  It should however be noted that both the nurse practitioner and the nurse administrator must be registered nurses.Nurse practitioners came in to force after it was realized that there was shortage of medical doctors to diagnose and attend to patients. This reality helped encourage nurse practitioners to take more advanced courses to bridge the doctor patient ratio. It is also in the same breadth that that there came to be the nurse administrators.