Sample Nursing Essays On Importance of Children Health

Homework Question on Importance of Children Health

  • Choose one aggregate group: children, women, men, seniors, or family health and write a 3 pages in APA format on the importance of health in the group as related to the community.
  1. Who is responsible for that group’s
  2. How you address the poor and uninsured (of the population you have
  3. How the nursing process and levels of care help promote wellness in the
  • Please add online sources.

Homework Answer on Importance of Children Health

Health is the state of being in a good condition that is free from illness or injury. WHO defines health as the state of absolute physical, mental, and social wellbeing. Health is paramount to any human being for growth, development, and maintaining a psychological balance. Childhood is the establishment of life cycle; hence, children’s health should be upheld for their development and effective growth. Children are an important group in the community because they ensure there is continuity of life; however, they are much vulnerable to diseases and other elements that may interfere with their health (Janicke et al., 2001).

Researchers have found out that interference with a child’s early life impacts their future health, development, and well-being.Children’s health is a collective responsibility in the society but there are specific groups who are directly responsible. To start with, the government has a huge role to play in ensuring children are in good health. The government amended the Children Act 1989 in 2008 to the Children and Young Person’s Act 2008 to strengthen the legal frameworks developed to safeguard children welfare (Rush, 2012).

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This act enables the local authorities to secure an Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) to improve children care and collect adequate data regarding children’s health. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of school going children aged 5-17 years missed school due to illness or injury in 2010 (Janicke et al., 2001). WHO asserts that children who have poor health are likely to develop learning, behavioral or emotional problems; hence, it is the government initiative to safeguard children’s welfare by obtaining statistics and employing measures to maintain their health (Blanchard et al., 2006).