Sample Nursing Essays On Hospice/ Palliative Nursing

Homework Question on Hospice/ Palliative Nursing

  • Develop the character of a hospice/palliative care nurse for a television movie. Include in your character development the following:
  1. Personal and professional characteristics of the nurse
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Care settings
  4. Ways of collaborating with other health professionals
  5. Situations in which the nurse would assume a leadership role.

Homework Answer on Hospice/ Palliative Nursing

James the only male nurse out of a family of 6 doctors tended to be looked down upon by the father. He would often make demeaning remarks in his reference insisting nursing was less important under the healthcare fraternity. He was the only child left working at the local district medical center while the rest had flourishing careers in big cities away from home. His brothers used to joke about his field being a female domain. At the onset of his career, his family perception irritated him and they constantly urged him to join medical school to become a doctor.

However, he had developed two major qualities of patience, acceptance and authenticity in his five-year career (Lugton & McIntyre, 2005). He was able to relate in a respectful manner and act with dignity at work and in his social life. His love for palliative nursing had ensured he recognized the need for continuous professional development especially in the area of controlling patients distressing pain and symptoms (Matzo & Sherman, 2010).

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Palliative care is concerned with prevention and relieving patients from suffering, as well as their families. This required James to be truthful and honest in all his undertakings. He had found out that observing spirituality and faith in his line of duty served to connect with most of his terminal patients and families. His professional settings revolved around the Intensive Care Unit or terminally ill patients. James collaborated with other professionals through on-job trainings as well as internal seminars.