Sample Nursing Essays On Hospice Care in the Community Setting

Homework Question on Hospice Care in the Community Setting

  • In a 3 page paper in APA format, write on the importance of home health/hospice community setting. Include:
  1. Brief history of the topic
  2. Community
  3. National statistics
  4. Ethical implications
  5. Cultural issues
  6. Importance in the community
  7. The nurse’s role

Homework Answer on Hospice Care in the Community Setting

The general health of a community is important as it influences the developmental progress experienced within the community. In the modern world, the health sector has developed strategies to ensure that health services are delivered to the grassroots and its impacts are directly felt in the community. The most important strategy applied to deliver health care within the community is home health or hospice care programs.

This involves administering medical care to the sick in their homes. It is concerned with care and support for the terminally ill, the elderly, or those who frequently need medication. Hospice services may not be curative in nature but they are important because they are aimed at managing pain, reducing hospital upkeep costs for those with lifetime health conditions, and providing frequent care, emotional support, counseling and spiritual guidance to the terminally ill within our community (Forman, 2003).

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Historical information shows that the concept of hospices began in the eleventh century where a crusading movement placed the incurably ill in a common shelter dedicated for treatment. In the fourteenth century, the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem set up a hospice in Rhodes. The hospice was to provide care and refuge for travelers who were sick and dying. This development was largely supported by the Catholics and it led to Jeanne Garnier opening the first hospice in France to care for dying patients in the seventeenth century.