Sample Nursing Essays On Henderson’s Need Theory

Homework Question on Henderson’s Need Theory

  • Nursing Theories and Empiric vs. Aesthetic Critical Appraisal Contributions to Advanced Nursing Practice
  1. Explicate a selected nursing theory and explain how you already do or would apply that nursing theory to your current nursing practice role.
  2. Determine elements of empiric versus aesthetic critical appraisal and apply each method to an evidence-based practice scenario derived from your advanced nursing practice experience.

Homework Answer on Henderson’s Need Theory

Virginia Henderson developed the need theory of nursing, which was based on her education and nursing practice. Her main intention was not to develop a theory but rather to come up with a definition of nursing practice based on its role in patient care (Kim & Kollak, 2006). However, nurses regard her concept of nursing practice as a theory because it explains various aspects of the profession that apply even to modern nursing practice.

The need theory focuses on the fate of a patient under hospitalization and outside the environment of patient care. Therefore, the theory concentrates on the overall needs of a patient, and the role of nursing in helping the patient meet their needs. Henderson had to come up with a new definition of nursing that would incorporate the diverse needs of patients that extend from hospitalization to their homes/society, and the role of individuals in promoting their own health.

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Henderson defined nursing as a practice that strives to help individuals in the society perform activities that contribute to their health, which she referred to as the independence of an individual. This independence requires nurses to extend patient care up to the point where patients are capable of taking care of themselves. Nursing practice, according to the theory, involves working, assisting and encouraging an individual throughout the process of care until the individual becomes independent regarding taking care of their health needs.