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Homework Question on Healthy People 2020

  • The United States Department of Health and Human Services uses research to develop the 10 year national objectives known as Healthy People 2020. These objectives are directed at preventing diseases and promoting health. As health care professionals completing a health assessment; we include teaching to promote healthy lifestyles and identify health risks.
  1. Review the website Select a topic and in no more than 2 paragraphs, summarize it\\’s importance and objectives.
  2. In the Interventions and Resource section choose two interventions or resources and discuss in two paragraphs how they can be integrated into patient teaching.

Homework Answer on Healthy People 2020

In a bid to promote national health and improve the national health of all the citizens in the Unites states, measurable objectives were set. This was coupled with the engagement of multiple sectors whose mandate is to strengthen and improve policies and practices whose driving force was knowledge and awareness. Respiratory health is among the crucial objectives. This was for persons of all race, ethnicity, educational levels and families of all fiscal backgrounds.

Its aims were to address a variety of conditions, health traits and heath framework pointers that impact and promote respiratory health. This can be done through improved prevention, detection, treatment and education efforts. Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease are highly targeted here. According to Health People 2020 (2014), asthma is a chronic disorder that arises after inflammation of the airways.

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This leads to narrowing of the airways; a condition that leads to obstruction while breathing and thus cases of reversible breathing problems. At times asthma can be mild while at other cases, it can be life threatening. According to Koh (2013), asthma was responsible for14.2 million physician office visits and 1.8 million visits that were emergencies.Objectively, health people 2020 aims at reducing the number of deaths occurring due to asthma as well as lessening case of hospitalizations and emergencies caused by asthma.