Sample Nursing Essays On Health Literacy

Homework Question on Health Literacy

  • Think about the nurse’s role in improving the health literacy of patients. Consider the many ways patients access health information, including blogs, social media, patient portals, websites, etc. Reflect on experiences you have had with patients who self-diagnose using online medical sources.
  • Using the Internet, the Walden Library, or other trustworthy sources, identify a resource that you could introduce to patients to help them evaluate the credibility of health information found online.
  1. What are some strategies you could employ to improve the health literacy of patients? your assessment of the nurse’s role in improving the health literacy of patients. Then, identify the resource you would recommend to patients for evaluating online health information and why it would be beneficial?
  2. Describe additional strategies for assisting patients in becoming informed consumers of online health information.

Homework Answer on Health Literacy

It is always important for a patient to find resources that are trustable and able to evaluate their content. One of the resources I have identified to introduce to patients in order to help them evaluate the reliability of health information found online is MedlinePlus. This is a specialized search engine funded by the National Library of Medicine and is branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It assists looking only at credible sites and provides high-class information on more than 500 ailments and conditions.

It is regarded as a goldmine of better health information from the largest medical library in the world and is vetted by health professionals. With this resource, a patient can get accurate health information fast and easily and contains collections of high quality and up-to-date sources (Collins & Lewis, 2013).Some patients have inadequate health literacy and as a result experience difficult time to acquire process and understand the basic health services and information making them incapable of making well-versed health decisions.

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Health literacy, therefore, is a strong prediction of one’s health status because can have greater effect towards health outcomes. As a nurse, the following are some strategies that I can employ to improve the health literacy of patients. Patient’s behaviors: Observing the patient’s behaviors can help recognize those that have little skills on health literacy.  For instance, by identifying those that are unable to read, their registration form is inaccurately filled or incomplete, the patient misses some appointments and fails to comply with some medication regimens and many others.