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Homework Question on Improving Health Care Literacy

  • Choose a topic on which to develop a policy. This topic may address a needed change in technology, health care literacy, staffing, billing, diagnosis, etc. Using the services found in chapters 6-9 of Allied Health: Practical Issues and Trends in the New Millennium, construct a policy using the seven steps of policy formation. Address the following:
  1. Define the problem.
  2. Assemble the evidence of the problem or need for a policy.
  3. Construct alternative solutions to the problem.
  4. Select the criteria for choosing the correct solution from the alternatives.
  5. Predict the outcomes of the policy changes.
  6. Confront the trade-offs of not having a policy or addressing the problem.
  7. Decide on a recommendation.
  • In a 1,000-1,250-word essay, explain your policy’s intended use and evaluate the effect that your policy may have on patient care in America.

Homework Answer on Improving Health Care Literacy

Health care literacy as far as health information is concerned is essential in a bid to aid people lead a healthy lifestyle, understand the way to go about finding the best medical treatment for their ailments as well as be able to use the most of available preventive measures to avoid unnecessary sickness. Precisely, health care literacy gives people the ability to make informed decisions regarding their health and this has other profound benefits not only to specific people but also to a number of stakeholders in the society (Roundtable on Health Literacy, 2011).

In essence, because of the sophistication involved in the contemporary health care sector, which goes hand in hand with poor health, health care literacy is indeed the most viable approach to enhancing better and healthy lifestyles through equipping people with proper knowledge to enable them make healthy decisions concerning their health. The relationship between health care literacy and health outcomes is utterly impressive because of the fact that health literacy enables decisive decision making regarding health in various spheres of life.

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This essay explicates the process of improving health care literacy including the various critical steps regarding health care literacy.Health care information is certainly the most complex information that demands a critical approach to enable proper understanding of the underlying issues (Lyons, Lecca, & Valentine, 2013). Health care literacy and the use of preventive approaches among the public is highly evident among people with and without the relevant literacy skills.