Sample Nursing Essays On Health Care Delivery and Nursing Practice

Homework Question on Health Care Delivery and Influencing Nursing Practice

  • Factors Influencing Health Care Delivery and Influencing Nursing Practice
  1. Health Care Reform: 1) Discuss an aspect of a current health care reform initiative that is of interest to you. 2) Summarize how this initiative can address a gap in our present healthcare delivery system.
  2. Educational and Practice Consideration for Nursing: 1) Using scholarly references and journals to support your ideas, analyze the educational practice considerations that nursing needs to meet the demands involving the healthcare initiative you selected. 2) Provide a rationale for why these educational practice considerations are needed.
  3. Future Vision for Nursing: 1) Discuss how you envision the role and interdisciplinary relationships nursing will have in meeting the healthcare needs in 2020.
  • Scholarly writing: 1) the paper demonstrates critical thinking and a thorough understanding of the aspect of health care reform presented. 2) Conforms to APA standards. 3) The paper is well written, organized, and within page limitation. 4) Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are correct.

Homework Answer on Health Care Delivery and Influencing Nursing Practice

Diabetes is an interminable condition that, if left untreated, can prompt severe health and financial results. The current model of pharmaceutical, the biomedical model, has become effective in describing diabetes and recognizing medications. However, while the viability of diabetes prevention and management has been demonstrated in various studies, adherence to medication is greatly low. Study on diabetes demonstrates that personality issues have a huge impact on medication adherence of diabetes.

The need for personality soundness – the support of personas epitomizing enduring conception in management of oneself (Swann & Bosson, 2008) – and the desire to accomplish one’s craved character influence diabetes management. Diabetes medication assumes an ambivalent part in personality issues, which sometimes prevent people from accomplishing their identity objectives – attaining their coveted self and playing a role in activities necessary to one’s thought toward oneself (Swann & Bosson, 2008) – and occasionally allowing people to accomplish their objectives.

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Research has found that stigma is popular among diabetics and regularly prompts medication non-adherence. The medication for diabetes can additionally prompt stigmatization. Consequently, people with diabetes regularly encounter stigma, which could be exacerbated by parts of diabetes medication, which include dietary prerequisites, and the utilization of technologies. This frequently brings about diminished adherence to medication or non-adherence to dodge stigma.