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Homework Question on Health Belief Model

  • Overview: the “ HEALTH BELIEF MODEL” is by far the most commonly used theory in health education and health promotion. Nurses use this model as a guidance for patient education.
  1. Discuss and write a paper about the HEALTH BELIEF MODEL (in healthcare and patient education)

Homework Answer on Health Belief Model

This model was developed to enable health practitioners to comprehend the failure of individuals to implement disease prevention tactics intended for the detection of diseases early enough (Basavanthappa, 2008). This model suggests that an individual`s personal beliefs affect the person’s health behavior. It is a commonly used theory in the field of health care. It is normally used in health edification and promotion.

Most nurses use this model as a guide for patient education. This model puts an emphasis on observation of health care practices that are preventive and patient compliance. It helps health care providers to predict the likelihood of a person taking the recommended health care actions and to understand an individual’s motivation and decision-making process about looking for medical attention (Rankin, London & Stallings, 2005).

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It proposes that an individual’s health behavior is reliant on four main perceptions, which are, the individual’s perceived susceptibility to a certain illness, the perceived severity of the illness, the perceived benefits, the perceived barriers, cues to action and self-efficacy (Young, Van, Mogotlane & Juta and Company, 2003).