Sample Nursing Essays On Global Health Issues

Homework Question on Global Health Issues

  1. You will write about current global health problems. Areas to include in your Journal entry: Current global health problems related to health care
  2. How these global health problems affect the nursing profession
  3. Current approaches in the literature to addressing the global health problems
  4. Nursing Strategies for improving the global health problems
  • Your finished Journal entry should be, at minimum, six (6) well-developed paragraphs with more than three (3) sentences per paragraph.

Homework Answer on Global Health Issues

In the 21st century, there are health problems that are still ailing the world in spite of the technological innovations. The increased spread of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is among the significant global health issues currently (“World Health Organization”, 2009). According to the WHO, approximately 38 million people died in 2012 due to NCDs. These diseases include cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, and lung illnesses, among others that are associated with human lifestyles.

The nursing fraternity is directly affected by NCDs because they require long-term treatment. According to WHO, nurses make at least 50% of the entire health care providers; hence, they have a critical responsibility of lessening NCDs by influencing the lifestyles of their patients (Reddy, 2003). This has triggered changes in the nursing profession; nurses are being taught the advocacy policy to practice it on and for their patients.

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The theoretical approaches for countering NCDs include sensitizing the public in embracing healthy lifestyles. This includes controlling their diet and engaging in healthy body exercises. A worldwide campaign against the non-communicable diseases is another probable approach. The entire globe is concerned with the tremendous spread of NCDs; hence, it came up with Global Action on NCDs. It resolved to reduce factors leading to these diseases, such as the use of tobacco and alcoholic substances.