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Homework Question on Ethics in healthcare research

  • ETHICS IN HEALTH CARE RESEARCH: The purpose of this learning activity is to familiarize students with legal and ethical considerations and responsibilities in health care research. Resources About Research Ethics .
  • Use these resources to prepare and complete the Week 2 Discussion Board (ETHICS IN HEALTH CARE RESEARCH).
  • Read article: “Bad Blood: A Case Study of the Tuskegee Syphilis Project” (5 pages) After you have read the ethics’ resources and viewed the videos, post your responses to these questions
  • Review these websites: Tuskegee Lessons The Tuskegee Timeline Nuremberg Trial
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  1. What do you believe the participants’ motives were to become involved in this study?
  2. Health care providers’ motives?
  3. What were the factors for cessation of the project?
  4. How can nurses advocate to ensure that researchers protect participants’ rights?

Homework Answer on Ethics in healthcare research


The article is about a case study of the Tuskegee Projects where a group of syphilis patients were tested and allegedly treated for the disease. It begins by explaining the causative agents, stages, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of syphilis. The main aim of the study was to convert the original treatment of syphilis into a human experiment to find out about the stages and progression of syphilis. It was like a continuation of a project done in Oslo Norway where valuable information about syphilis had been gathered.

This paper gives the motives of the participants, and health care providers in the project, factors of cessation of the project, and efforts that nurses should convene to protect the rights of participants in a health research project.

Motives of the Participants

Since the participants were not informed of the real motives of the project, most of them were in the dark about it.  The participants’ motives for participating in the project were to know their status as on syphilis infection as well receiving treatment if the test showed positive results. Additionally, most of the participants had never seen a doctor and saw this as an opportunity to enjoy medical care. Similarly, the participants wanted to explore how it felt to be treated with a doctor, and whether healing was real as they had heard before (Fourtner, Fourtner & Herreid ,2016).

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Motives of Health Care Providers

The health care providers’ motives were ill because they were different from what the participants thought. The project was an opportunity for them to find out valuable information about syphilis so as to develop treatment regimens for future cases.