Sample Nursing Essays On Ethical Practices

Homework Question on Ethical Practices

  • Consider the articles by Laabs (2012) (PDF) (Links to an external site.) and Lillemoen & Pedersen (2012) (PDF) (Links to an external site.).
  1. How prepared do you feel you are to handle ethical challenges in the advanced practice setting?
  2. Describe an ethical issue you have encountered in the clinical setting. How was the ethical issue handled?
  3. How might you apply ethical theory in your future practice as a health care professional? THIS PART 1/2 A PAGE
  4. Discuss your thoughts about the truth telling scenario under the Course Content.
  5. How would you have handled the situation? Provide your rationale.
  6. Have you ever been in a situation where difficult choices were made related to truth telling? Explain.

Homework Answer on Ethical Practices

Nurse practitioners have endured advanced training and therefore they are qualified to manage collective medical complications within the scope. State laws regulate the scope practices of nurses (Parahoo, 2014). I feel prepared to handle ethical issues in our advanced setting. I have primary obligation to patients and therefore I have embraced the following virtues. First is protecting the privacy and confidentiality issues.

This is an obligation that had existed long time ago. Many nurses violate this obligation without discerning. Second is communicating honestly. At times, the truth hurts a lot but it is the core virtue for the nurses. I understand the procedure of how to disclose the information to families and to the patient (Koelewijn-van Loon et al, 2014). Third is that I should advocate for the patients’ best interests. I should support my professional obligation and do what is right for the patient.

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The ethical issue I have encountered recently is that of disclosing the truth to the families of the patient. I had an ill patient that could not survive the surgery. I had to disclose the truth to the family since they were advised to come for surgery. I am supposed to fulfil my obligation to the patient, and I need to practice ethical theory in my endeavour.