Sample Nursing Essays On Ethical Dilemma in Genetic Testing

Homework Question on Ethical Dilemma in Genetic Testing

  1. Write a 2-3 page paper (not including the title page and reference page) using APA format.
  2. Describe an ethical dilemma you encountered in your clinical setting.

 Genetic testing

  1. Identify all the relevant and applicable principles within the ANA Code of Ethics that relates to your dilemma.
  2. Describe in detail how your dilemma relates to the principle(s) you have identified.
  3. Discuss the outcome of the dilemma to the best of your knowledge.
  4. Discuss the resources within the clinical agency for dealing with such ethical dilemmas.
  5. Utilize resources such as your textbook, journal articles, internet sites, etc. to aid in your discussion and to support your perspective about the situations.
  6. Complete the assignment using APA formatting.  Include a reference page in APA format of sources used. You must use at least two references in this assignment (one will be the ANA Code of Ethics).

Homework Answer on Ethical Dilemma in Genetic Testing

During my internship, I worked at a local private hospital. In this hospital, I became so close to the general practitioner such that he would not handle challenging issues without inviting me. One time, we encountered a breast cancer patient. This patient had been treated at various hospitals without getting well. When she came to our hospital, we discovered that she had breast cancer that was not discovered in other hospitals.

On discovering this, the patient was so scared that she did not want to share this information with any of her family members. Six months later, a lady in her early twenties who was a child of this patient came to our hospital after being requested to conduct a medical test by a medical insurance. When we interviewed this lady, we discovered that she did not know that her mother had breast cancer. She only knew of her auntie that had died two years of breast cancer. In our case, we wondered whether we were to disclose this information to her or not. We also wondered whether we were to include what we knew in the medical forms or not (Tong, 2013).

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Principles from ANA code of ethics

The first principle that was applicable in our case was the principle of privacy. With regard to this principle, we were supposed to safeguard the mother’s right to privacy as she had instructed us. We knew that if we did either of the above options, we would intrude into the life of our patient – the mother. The second principle that was applicable in our case was the principle of confidentiality. With regard to this principle, we were obligated to protect the patient’s information (ANA, 2001)