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Homework Question on Elder Care

  • The purpose of this assignment is to identify an issue of concern for your role as an advanced practice nurse and to formulate a potential policy change to address that issue. There are many potential issues which can influence your practice setting or other issue which may negatively affect the patients with whom you work.
  •  As you begin to work on the possible policy change: the following ideas and steps should be considered:
  •             Definition and description of the issue
  •             Exploration of the background of the issue
  •             Stakeholders
  •             Issue statement or statement of clarity
  •             Possible methods of addressing the issue
  •             Goals and options for changes
  •             Risks and benefits of the changes
  1. Identify the type of legislation, such as state, federal, scope of practice, reimbursement, loan repayment, or others
  2. Review of the literature consists of a minimum of 3–4 peer-reviewed articles and 6–7 other outside sources
  3. Describe the current policy or health policy issue and specify how it would impact nursing or healthcare
  4. Describe the specific aspects of the proposed policy or policy change
  5. Identify the individuals who would benefit from the policy change and explain where support for the change would be found.
  6. Describe the impact of the policy change on nursing practice and health care.
  7. Provide an analysis of the policy from your point of view and how this will influence your practice.
  • Uses good writing skills, appropriate grammar, and application of APA formatting throughout paper, citations, and references.

        Homework Answer on Elder Care

Current Long-Term Policy

The policy of long-term care has been a crucial public policy, as it affects the provision of healthcare services to the elderly people in the society. The current policy on long-term care seeks to enhance cost effectiveness in the use of resources. The policy usually affects both the long term and health care sectors. The main purpose of current policy was to ensure that all patients who can be taken care of at their own homes should be released from the acute-care hospital capacity. This provides additional capacity for taking care of other highly affected patients in the society (Andersen, Rice & Kominski, 2011).

In addition, the policy described that the health care services can also be provided by the profit, non-profit, and private entities in the United States. The health public policy considers the producers of the long-term care and the value of money in regulating the overall health care among the elderly people. Therefore, the current long-term policy was influential in tackling the problem of health care in the economy.

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Proposed Changes

The main proposed change in the current long-term health care policy is to expand the long-term care services towards a community-based care approach. The current health care policy involves the institutional frameworks and regulations that help to expand the home-based care. This helps to save costs to both patients and families. The proposed change would lead to the reduction of the overall costs of long-term care (Berwick, 2011).