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Homework Question on Depression

  1. Conduct internet research to determine which group suffers the most from depression.
  2. What factors make this age group the most likely to have depression?
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Homework Answer on Depression

Major depressive disorder is a condition that affects approximately 10% of the total population in America. The statistics indicate that there are other risk factors that cause depression including gender, living in poverty life and being an Africa-American citizen. Though generally, age factor contributes significantly as a major risk factor in the entire population. Depression  is an illness that has equal chances of affecting any person in life, but the age group with highest rates of depression is the at the adolescents and young adults between the age of 18 and 45 years.

Depressive disorder in America affects approximately 15 million people on yearly basis. The young adult and adolescents that are suffering from depressive disorder are approximately 7% of the population aged between 18 and 45 years (Stikkelbroek, Bodden, Kleinjan, Reijnders & van Baar 2016).

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Factors Making This Age Group the Most Likely To Have Depression

The depression among the young adults during the adolescence and adult up to the age of 45 years is a serious problem since it is high prevalence among the citizens worldwide. Major life events play a significant role in making this age group the most likely to suffer from the depressive disorder. For instance, the adults who are experiencing family life could suffer from depression as a result of sudden unemployment, health declining issues, loss of loved ones and divorce challenges. Stikkelbroek et al 2016 support that during adolescents, socio-cultural factors, hormonal factors, and stressful events like romantic break up contribute to individuals suffering from depression. Additionally, difficulties in regulating emotions contribute to depression among adolescents.