Sample Nursing Essays On Decision Making Dilemma

Homework Question on Decision Making Dilemma

  1. Describe the dilemma and discuss the ethical principles in conflict. Also share how the dilemma was resolved, if possible.
  2. Then, analyze the situation using an ethical theory of your choice (ethical egoism, utilitarianism, divine command, intuitionism, duty ethics, etc.)

Homework Answer on Decision Making Dilemma

The nursing field is an ever-changing profession, which responds to the diverse as well as complex issues including health maintenance, protection of patients, human rights, and well as human dignity. The professional nurses are in a distinctive position as being the patient advocates regardless of the challenges that are presented. The nursing community faces inherent ethical issues because they are frequently engaged in the ethical decisions, either personally or professionally.

There are many ethical issues that nurses encounter in their day to day lives and at workplace (Bandman & Bandman, 2002).For instance, a dilemma arises concerning how a nurse may support a patient deciding between a therapy, which would prolong the patient’s life, but the quality of life be compromised. The patient may survive longer, but will possibly encounter significant side effects from this particular therapy. The ethical concern lies with the nurse’s position concerning the patient’s decision.

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The ethical principles that come into play in this scenario include respect for the patient autonomy as well as the protection of the patient’s safety. The solution for the above dilemma would be the nurse providing the necessary information, which would be sufficient to enable the patient make the right decision concerning the therapy. The issue of quality may help to address how long a patient will live or perhaps the number of people who will be affected by the decision. The issue of quality relates to how superior a life a patient can have, which also varies depending on the ways an individual defines what is good.