Sample Nursing Essays On Critical Thinking in Nursing

Homework Question on Critical Thinking in Nursing

  • Thinking and other cognitive processes such as analysis and synthesis are dependent upon many variables, both internal and external. Each person has learned patterns of thinking that are a result of culture, ethnicity, education and genetics.
  1. Discuss a previous experience when your own critical thought processes were “disrupted” because of a particular situation, anxiety, or lack of confidence. Explain how you could overcome the disruption of thinking if you would be faced with the same situation today.
  2. Specifically how might you alter your way of thinking when confronted with internal forces or variables?

Homework Answer on Critical Thinking in Nursing

I had been very committed to offering service to patients in my work station. One day, there were rumors that I was to be transferred from the station for another healthcare facility that had just been established in a remote part of the country. I did not like the idea because I had offered my service from this station for quite some time and established such a strong work relationship with my colleagues.

Also, I was close to my family in a well secured place.  I could not imagine moving to a new place and start the processes once again, adapt to the new environment and possibly, form new thinking patterns with the new workmates.On that day, in depth concentration on these issues disrupted my thought attention while providing service to patients. High level of anxiety led to emotional instability while dealing with clients.

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However, if such phenomenon occurs, I would be very sensitive to the information provided. Rumors at work places might have truth in them or might equally be false. Therefore, I will be very reluctant to accept them immediately without taking a second thought, remain composed and focused to whatever activity that I will be engaging in. Jumping into quick conclusion and worrying due to message received is an indication for lack of critical reasoning (Gambrill, 2006 p.12).