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Homework Question on Conflict Situation

One very important benefit of effective communication is the management of conflict resolution. Also, an important part of leadership is the ability to manage conflict. In your Grossman & Valiga text a list of important points to remember about management of conflict are given as:

  • Clarify communications.
  • Be open and honest.
  • Avoid taking sides.
  • Try to reserve judgement until the issue is clear.
  • Avoid highly emotional and unfair confrontations.
  • Work toward congruence between role and status.
  • Develop needed skills. Identify the source of the conflict.
  1. Participate in integrative decision-making. At work or in your recent classes in school try to remember  how you used one or more of these pointers (or maybe a situation in which you could have used these) to manage a situation in which conflict was present.
  2. Briefly explain the situation and then your method of resolving the conflict utilizing one or more of the suggestions listed.
  3. Afterwards comment on your colleagues’ experiences.

Homework Answer on Conflict Situation

At work, I noticed that there was a constant logjam between the doctors and nurses. This was occasioned by the doctor’s ignorant and authoritative attitude towards the nurses, which made the latter feel demeaned and unappreciated. Consequently, these two sides were in constant conflict with the nurses fighting to maintain their dignity and self esteem at the work place, and the doctors considering this action as disrespectful and undermining their role, authority, and rank in the hospital setting.

In some instances, the conflict would turn abusively physical or verbal, which further served to strain the relationship between these two parties.Conflict Resolution.Communication was considered as the missing piece that would resolve the issue. Both parties were unresponsive to each other because there was a lack of agreement and discussion on the root causes of the conflict and disquiet at work.

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Therefore, as a mediator, there are several steps I would have used and implemented to tackle the issue. These are avoid taking sides, try to reserve judgment until the issue is clear, engage in reconciliation, use problem-solving skills, engage in compromise, work toward mutual alliances and common pacts, engage in arbitration, and identify the source of the conflict (Grossman and Valiga, 2012). All these strategies would ensure that my role as the mediator does not become biased or inclined towards supporting only one side.