Sample Nursing Essays On Community Healthcare Partnerships

Homework Question on Community Healthcare Partnerships

  1. Discuss an example of a healthcare partnership in your community and specifically cite examples that show how nurses, both individually and collectively, influenced the care provided.
  2. What obstacles were/are confronted, and what strategies were/are employed in order to effectively overcome them?
  3. Relate aspects of your policy priority to this community partnership and its goals, barriers, strategies, and political issues.
  • Sources must be published within 5 years.

Homework Answer on Community Healthcare Partnerships

Since time immemorial, healthcare has been a key concern for humanity (Holzemer, 2012). The complexity of community health can never be underestimated. The issues at hand involve what we take in to our bodies, how we spend each minute of our lives, what happens around us, just to mention but the tip of the iceberg. In any community setup, joint participation in healthcare is the way to go. Though community health concerns are innumerable, top in the list is sanitation. Sanitation issues range from personal to communal levels in any given setting.

In the mid 2013 in my community, the situation hadn’t been any better until the local health Centre rolled out a community extension program. Our sanitation menace was as a result of waste mismanagement lapse. Instances of infectious conditions were recurrently reported in the government sponsored health Centre in the community. This necessitated a vigorous health care campaign spearheaded by the local community health care nurses.

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Together with the local opinion leaders in my community, the national environment management authority and the local youth forum awareness campaign was rolled out. This entailed house to house outreach, supply of litter bins to every house and mega billboards in every street in the neighborhood. At first this was a challenge owing to the availability of the people at the same time but the intervention of the local authorities helped a great deal to collect a data of the availability of the people. In a period of six months the infection rate subsided by over 75%.