Sample Nursing Essays On Case Management and Effective Discharge Planning

Homework Question on Case Management and Effective Discharge Planning

  • Please answer each question separately. I need each separate references:
  1. Explain how the concept continuum of care is used in case management. Please provide specific examples
  2. What are some of the weaknesses of discharge planning as it is practiced in acute care settings today? How could this be improved using a case management model?

Homework Answer on Case Management and Effective Discharge Planning

The continuum of care concept concerns an integral nurse-patient relationship aimed at dealing with multiple cases through improved services. The concept is aimed at enhancing healthcare services to end the emotional disturbance in a family. Continuum of care can be applied in case management to align patient needs with principles and practices increasing attention (Evashwick, 2005). For instance, terminally ill persons are accorded specialized care at each level.

This helps the nursing practitioners and case managers to identify and address patients’ needs promptly. The model distinguishes medical, financial, emotional, and social desires at each level to warrant a smooth transition. Enhanced healthcare services allow case managers to discern the needs of patients before advancing to the next stage. This enables a family to set up the necessary resources to give the patient special care.

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Case managers employ the continuum of care model to give patients and family information concerning the prevailing conditions that might require control. As well, case managers are able to make effective discharge plans focused on diverse patient needs to improve the recovery process. This makes case management less complex and more patients oriented to ease suffering besides minimizing seasonal complications.