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Homework Question on Career Plan

  1. Management program analyst is the career plan to use  Have you ever had a formal career plan?
  2. If so, briefly describe the plan. If not, describe what your ideal career plan would look like. How would having a formal plan like this be an asset to you as an employee?
  3. How would it help you be an asset to the organization?
  4. Describe at least two reasons why you feel this way and use at least two outside sources to defend your answers.

Homework Answer on Career Plan

A career plan is essential because it helps people to reckon on their interests, preferences, skills, and values and to explore all options of life, learning, and work that may be available to them. My major career plan revolved around management program analysis and it has helped me in the quest for development and success in my career. It mainly relied on four relevant steps namely; knowing myself, finding out, drawing decisions, and adopting actions (Shatkin, 2011).

Knowing myself entailed thinking where I was then, where I wanted to be in future, and how to get there. This called for knowing my skills, values and interests, which could help me, get to my desired level in future. By the end of this step, I was able to have a clear idea of my work, goals, and preferences. Finding out entailed learning more about the specific areas that I had interest in. this step helped me in assessing the skills and qualifications that I needed for my career.

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Drawing decisions helped me in comparing the options that were available and judging what suited me most. Finally, adopting actions implied planning the required steps needed in putting my plan into action (Lock, 2008).Having a formal plan can be an asset to me in that it can help me improve on my performance through tapping personal abilities and stimulating personal growth. Career plans can also enable me to select careers that are suitable to my life style, family, preferences, etc.