Sample Nursing Essays On Callista Roy’s Adaptation Theory

Homework Question On Callista Roy’s Adaptation Theory

  1. Explicate a selected grand theory and explain how you already do or would apply that grand theory to your own advanced nursing practice.

Homework Answer on Callista Roy’s Adaptation Theory

The adaptation nursing theory was proposed by Roy in 1976. It was an advancement of a nursing concept that she had come up with as a graduate student earlier on in 1964. It consists of four domains: the person, his health, environment lived in and nursing. A person according to this model may refer to a single individual or to a group of persons (Afrasiabifar, Karimi&Hassani, 2013). The person is considered to be a biopsychosocial being in mutual existence with its environment. Moreover, the person is an n adaptive system that can deal with stressors by using its coping skills (Afrasiabifar, Karimi&Hassani, 2013).

The  influences, conditions and circumstances surrounding the person constitute the environment domain. The factors of the environment that affect health are called stimuli or stressors.This model of nursing incorporates six stages in the process of nursing. Scrutiny of the behavior in all the included domains is the first step. The outcomes of the scrutiny are then compared to the recognized norms. Assessment and classification of the stressor is the second step.

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The third one is nursing diagnosis of the ineffective behavior and pointing out of the probable cause (Afrasiabifar, Karimi&Hassani, 2013). Next step involves setting of realistic and attainable goals in collaboration with the person. Medical action takes place in the fifth stage referred to as intervention. The sixth and last stage is evaluation where the change in behavior as a result of the intervention is examined. if the results restore the system to its adaptive state, the process is concluded. If otherwise, the six-step process is done once more (Afrasiabifar, Karimi&Hassani, 2013).