Sample Nursing Essays On Adolescent Health

Homework Question on Adolescent Health

  • Please answer each question.
  1. Whose responsibility is it to improve child and adolescent health
  2. Heart disease is the “Silent Killer” of women. What can be done on all levels to make women more aware of this disease process?
  3. Why do men shy away from basic health care?
  •  Please add separate scholarly references for each question.

Homework Answer on Adolescent Health

Adolescents themselves should be responsible for their own health. This is because without them participating in identifying issues that disturb them as well as formulating strategies, nothing can be accomplished. Children should be in the first line to report anything regarding their well being. On the other hand, the society including schools, policy makers and particularly the health professionals are required to provide non-judgmental information, training and access to health services.

They should have better prospects to talk effectively for young people, to improve the accountability for adolescents’ rights and to address the fragmentation as well as lack of coordination among health policies and service provision. Specialists should comprise trained doctors to be responsible for outpatient clinics, young children wards and health centers. In this way, they can establish legal frameworks that provide support and clear direction towards improving children’s health status.

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Children are the most valuable resource for every nation and through these interventions adolescents can have a real choice for healthy living (Amaral, 2005).Even though, reducing risk factors is vital to prevention, it is important to raise awareness regarding the signs and symptoms of heart stroke or attack so as women can know when to seek health care and take the right measures towards protecting their health.